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​​​​​​​Presentation Development



Just as having a pen doesn’t make a person a writer, knowing how to use Power Point doesn’t mean knowing how to put together an  engaging and memorable presentation that tells a great story—with great graphics.


That’s what Druid Media does.


Druid Media works with executives and senior managers who need to deliver presentations at meeting and conferences, and to media and external audiences.  We've worked with clients in ​pharma, technology, healthcare, biotech, finance and entertainment.


We also develop patient panels and customer storytelling sessions for meetings, tying them back to the core messaging in the presentations.


We’ve created presentations and panels for:

  • National Sales Meetings
  • Channel Partner Meetings
  • Pharmaceutical POA’s
  • Global technology showcases
  • Global Leaders Meetings
  • ​Non-profit fundraisers

​​Our services include:

  • Writing
  • Graphics and slide design
  • Coaching