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The measure of success for any speech or presentation is how well it's sold its message to the audience.

​Which is why our experience in marketing can make a difference in how well you sell your message.


We have a background in sales, including cold calls—door to door, sometimes with one foot wedged in the door to keep it open so you could keep talking.  The faster you could tell your story and sell your message, the better the chance your foot wouldn't be smashed by a closing door.


This experience informed Druid Media's approach to marketing presentations—meaning, we have a practiced awareness of what will grab an audience's attention, and that helps us craft a more engaging story. 


Druid Media has worked on the marketing of a number of product launches, including:

  • ​Lung and women's cancer medicines
  • Internet video
  • Digital voice
  • Environmental technology measurement


Druid Media was also on the forefront of digital media communications:  we launched the first website for Internet film ​and we hit one million views in three days.  In 1999.  On dial-up Internet. If we can make a story compelling at 19.2 kbps, think of what we can do for you.

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